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Wuxi Susun Autoparts Company Limited is a company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of starters and alternators for the automotive industry. In 2011, Susun was awarded the honorary title of the " China's outstanding Private Enterprise” by All-China Journalists' Association and other four organizations. 
Susun has 6 assembly lines and 3 alternator and starter parts workshops. The plant area is about 15,000 square meters. The annual output is over 600,000 units and annual sales volume is over 30 million USD. The majority of our products are exported to the USA and to Europe. 
Susun has more than 1,500 different parts, including Ford、Delco、Denso、Valeo、Mitsubishi、Hitachi、Mitsuba, etc. Alternators cover 70 families with over 1159 items, while starters cover 59 families with 754 items. Susun also has components from alternators and starters available.
Susun can make almost any kind of starter and alternator according to a customer sample. With advanced technology and efficient management can produce first pieces in record time. 
He manager and chief engineers have all been to the United States to obtain special training on starters and alternators for passenger cars. We have a long period cooperation and experience with famous companies from Japan and Germany who have joint ventures in China. Shortly after the company established Susun passed inspection requirements for ISO9001 certification and earned TS16949 certification in the year of 2007. Our workers take quality of the products as their life inspiration. Their hard work is diligent and appreciated by all. Zero defects is an important part of our mission statement.


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